The T-40 had a semi-frame layout with a carrier gearbox. The power plant of the tractor was mounted on a semi-frame connected to the gearbox housing. The model was produced in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. At the same time, the rear wheels had an increased diameter and a stiffer suspension, the front wheels had a medium-sized diameter and a spring suspension. The high cross-country ability of the tractor was provided by the characteristic herringbone lugs. The ground clearance of the tractor wheels and the track were adjustable; in addition, it was possible to install wheels of a smaller width.

ApplicabilityBearing modelChina analogBearing typeSizeQuantity
Side PTO bearing3056305Single-row radial ball25х62х171
Side PTO bearing3096309Single-row radial ball45х100х251
Side PTO bearing3106310Single-row radial ball50х110х271
Side PTO bearing4056405Single-row radial ball25х80х211
Bearing on PTO shaft independent synchronous2116211Single-row radial ball55х100х211
Bearing on PTO shaft independent synchronous3086308Single-row radial ball40х90х231
Bearing on PTO shaft independent synchronous102206NF206Single row radial roller bearings30х62х162
Bearing on PTO shaft independent synchronous102305NF305Single row radial roller bearings25х62х171
Generator bearing18050262202 2RSSingle-row radial ball15х35х141
Generator bearing18060362303 2RSSingle-row radial ball17х47х191
Engine bearing KShM60204204 ZSingle-row radial ball20х47х141
Compressor bearing1126012Single-row radial ball60х95х181
Compressor bearing60207207 ZSingle-row radial ball35х72х171
Gearbox bearing with differential2096209Single-row radial ball45х85х191
Gearbox bearing with differential2126212Single-row radial ball60х110х221
Gearbox bearing with differential2136213Single-row radial ball65х120х231
Gearbox bearing with differential3056305Single-row radial ball25х62х171
Gearbox bearing with differential4066406Single-row radial ball30х90х232
Gearbox bearing with differential4076407Single-row radial ball35х100х251
Gearbox bearing with differential42215NJ215Cylindrical Roller Bearings75х130х252
Gearbox bearing with differential102211NF211Single row radial roller bearings55х100х211
Gearbox bearing with differential102305NF305Single row radial roller bearings25х62х171
Gearbox bearing with differential102309NF309Single row radial roller bearings45х100х251
Transfer case bearing2076207Single-row radial ball35х72х171
Transfer case bearing3056305Single-row radial ball25х62х171
Final drive of the rear axle ball bearing3156315Single-row radial ball75х160х371
Rear axle final drive roller bearing2312N312Cylindrical Roller Bearings60х130х311
Rear axle final drive roller bearing12309NF309Single row radial roller bearings45х100х254
Front drive axle bearing2136213Single-row radial ball65х120х232
Front drive axle final drive bearing4096409Single-row radial ball45х120х291
Front drive axle final drive bearing750732207Single row tapered roller35х72х24,254
Front axle suspension bearing811551115Single row thrust ball bearing75х100х194
Front axle pivot bearing804704Single row radial needle bearing22х35х26,58
Front axle pinion bearing2096209Single-row radial ball45х85х191
Front axle pinion bearing3106310Single-row radial ball50х110х271
Main clutch bearing602126212 ZSingle-row radial ball60х110х231
Main clutch bearing64706Single row radial needle bearing29,975х42х441
Main clutch bearing9588213Single row thrust ball bearing35х100х211
Starting motor bearing2026202Single-row radial ball15х35х112
Starting motor bearing2056205Single-row radial ball25х52х152
Starting motor bearing42305NJ305Cylindrical Roller Bearings25х62х171
Starting engine air cleaner bearing2026202Single-row radial ball15х35х112
Starting motor gearbox bearing3056305Single-row radial ball25х62х172
Sealed starting motor gearbox bearing18050262202 2RSSingle-row radial ball15х35х111
Starting motor gearbox needle bearing943/25Single row radial needle bearing25х32х252
Hydraulic booster bearing RU3046304Single-row radial ball20х52х151
Hydraulic booster bearing RU12071207Self-aligning ball bearing with hole35х72х171
Cooling system bearing18050462204 2RSSingle-row radial ball20х47х182
Fuel distribution pump bearing25625Single-row radial ball5х16х52
Fuel distribution pump bearing29629Single-row radial ball9х26х81
Fuel distribution pump bearing2016201Single-row radial ball13х32х101
Fuel distribution pump bearing2046204Single-row radial ball20х47х141
Fuel distribution pump bearing3046304Single-row radial ball20х52х151
Fuel distribution pump bearing1000095619/5Single-row radial ball5х13х41
Fuel distributor pump needle bearing942/8Single row radial needle bearing8х14х122
Clutch bearing9588217Single row thrust ball bearing85х124х24,51
Rear PTO extension bearing4086408Single-row radial ball40х110х271
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