Deciphering a particular bearing usually implies obtaining complete information about the product, which are included in the additional designations of its numbers, digital and alphabetic – these are not only sizes and type (design), but also such features as: accuracy class, material of the cage and parts, group radial clearance, noise level during operation, tempering temperature of parts, type of grease used (for sealed bearings), whether reinforced or not, structural changes of parts, and others.


Russian market bearing also have its own suffix they are as following:

АHeavy-duty bearings (both ball and roller)
АКHeavy-duty bearings (deep groove ball, double-row spherical) with modified raceways and stamped cage. Reduced ring flange height
АЕ, АБ, АД, АЛ, АКЕ, АКБ, АКД, АКЛ, АКЕ, АЕ1, АКБ2Increased lifting capacity (first letter or two – see above) and separator type (second letter or third in the case of AK).The number, if present, indicates further design changes.



Е1, Е2, Е3


Л, Л1, Л2
Separator material designation

B – Tinless bronze (bearing 66412B1,

D – Massive cage made of ferrous metals or cast iron (bearing 42336 GM),

D – Cage material – aluminum alloys (duralumin) (bearing 86-176226DT1),

E – Separator made of plastic materials (polyamide, textolite

KM – Stamped steel cage with modified rolling element contacts (bearings 42315KM), can stand K1M (additional design changes)

L – Brass cage
К, К1, К2Constructive changes in bearing parts.

Or K – designation of a concentric retaining ring on the cage of single-row ball bearings.

Also K1 – denotes a hole and a groove for grease for needle single-row and double-row bearings.
МDesignation of modified raceway contact for roller bearings (e.g. bearing 2217M).
Р, Р1, Р2The bearing parts are made of high heat resistant steel.
С1, С2 … С27Designation of greases in the bearings. (This refers to bearings closed on both sides). CIATIM-201 grease
has no designation. A widespread grease for Litol-24 bearings is designated C17
Т, Т1, Т2 …Requirements for the tempering temperature of the bearing rings.
For example, bearing 1000832 LT1
МОбозначение модифицированного контакта дорожки качения для роликовых подшипников (например, подшипник 2217М).
У, У1, У2…Toughened requirements for radial, axial clearances, coating roughness. For example, bearing 76-360710 US23
Ш2, Ш3Noise requirements for bearings. The higher the number, the quieter the bearing should be
Ю, Ю1, Ю2Stainless steel bearing parts
ЭBearing parts are made of steel with special additives.
WBearing parts are manufactured from vacuum treated steel.
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