Petroleum Machinery include petroleum drilling machinery, oil extraction machinery, petroleum-specific vehicle-mounted machinery, oil refining machinery, industrial pumps, etc. Their bearings can be long service life and small dimensions. They operate in harsh conditions and need to take weighty loads in an unfavorable environment.
The bearing we manufacture are as following:

Oe numbersizeType
OM-240N205*130*720 mm шар 25,4Thrust ball bearing 
SM700.240156*94*500 mm шар19,05Thrust ball bearing 
ВЗД-120100*55*350 mm шар 14,288Thrust ball bearing 
Д2-127.09060*105*325 mm, шар15,875 Thrust ball bearing 
Д-76.24063*34*200Thrust ball bearing 
ДГР1-172.240152*90*500 mm , шар 19,05  Thrust ball bearing 
ДГР-178.240-01148*92*390.5mm шар 17,462Thrust ball bearing 
ДГР-210.240184*105*475 mm , шар 25,4Thrust ball bearing 
ДР-240.240205*130*495, шар 25,4Thrust ball bearing 
ДР3-120.24055*100*275, 14,288Thrust ball bearing 
ДР4-95С.24050*88*280, шар.12,7Thrust ball bearing 
ОМ-726-03720*205*130Thrust ball bearing 
ОШ 04.318450*147,8*90Thrust ball bearing 
ШС 106.2.0088 *50 *306 mm,шар 12.7Thrust ball bearing 
ШС 120.1.00105 *60* 265mm .шар 14.288Thrust ball bearing 
ШС178,2(HRC46-50)148*90*453 mmThrust ball bearing 
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