Universal row-crop tractors MTZ-82 have been produced since the mid-seventies of the last century and continue to be produced to this day, they are distinguished by high efficiency, maneuverability, reliability and are massively used not only in Russia and neighboring countries, but also far-off.

ApplicabilityBearing numberChina analogBearing TypeSizeQuantity
Side PTO bearing (rear support)503066306NSingle row radial ball bearing with a groove on the outer ring30х72х191
Side PTO bearing (front support)2086208Single-row radial ball40х80х181
Rear PTO ball bearing603106310ZSingle-row radial ball50х110х271
Rear PTO needle bearing3КК-20х26х34Single row radial needle bearing20х26х341
Rear PTO bearing (gear drum, front and rear supports)2096209Single-row radial ball45х85х192
Bearing for rear PTO, drive shaft2106210Single-row radial ball50х90х202
Bearing rear PTO, drive shaft503066306NSingle row radial ball bearing with a groove on the outer ring30х72х191
Rear PTO shaft bearing, drive shaft (rear support)942/40Single row radial needle bearing40х50х321
Rear PTO bearing (driven drive shaft, front support)943/30Single row radial needle bearing30х38х322
Rear PTO bearing (carrier, rear support)2086208Single-row radial ball40х80х181
Rear PTO bearing (ring gear)2106210Single-row radial ball50х90х201
Generator bearing 544.3701, rear support18050262202-2RSSingle-row radial ball15х35х141
Generator bearing 544.3701, front support18060362303-2RSSingle-row radial ball17х47х191
Front drive axle differential bearing721230212Single row tapered roller60х110х23,752
Compressor bearing2076207Single-row radial ball35х72х172
Final drive bearing (drive gear, right and left support)42212NJ212Single row radial roller bearings60х110х224
Gearbox bearing, 1st gear and reverse shaft, front support503086308NSingle row radial ball bearing with a groove on the outer ring40х90х231
Gearbox bearing, 1st gear shaft, rear support2086208Single-row radial ball40х80х181
Gearbox bearing, inner shaft, front support3076307Single-row radial ball35х80х211
Input shaft gearbox bearing, front support2086208Single-row radial ball40х80х181
Input shaft gearbox bearing, rear support2106210Single-row radial ball50х90х201
Gearbox bearing, 2nd stage drive gear, front and rear bearings12115NF115single-row radial roller bearing with short cylindrical rollers75х115х202
Gearbox bearing, output shaft, front support761032310Single row tapered roller50х110х42х251
Gearbox bearing, output shaft, front support67512Single row tapered roller60х110х29,751
Gearbox intermediate shaft bearing602106210ZSingle-row radial ball50х90х201
Transfer case bearing3066306Single-row radial ball30х72х191
Differential housing bearing, right and left support721530215Single row tapered roller75х130х27,252
Linkage bearing, adjustable brace810951109Single row thrust ball bearing45х65х141
Front drive axle final drive gearbox bearing2096209Single-row radial ball45х85х192
Front axle final drive bearing750632206Single row tapered roller30х62х21,251
Front axle final drive bearing760732307Single row tapered roller35х80х32,751
Front axle final drive gearbox bearing2310N310single-row radial roller bearing with short cylindrical rollers50х110х272
Front axle final drive reduction gear bearing721230212Single row tapered roller60х110х23,754
Front axle final drive reduction gear bearing750732207Single row tapered roller35х72х24,258
Front axle final drive reducer bearing thrust820851208Single row thrust ball bearing40х68х192
Clutch bearing1106010Single-row radial ball50х80х162
Clutch Bearing, Power Train, Front Support3076307Single-row radial ball35х80х211
Clutch Release Bearing986714Single row angular contact ball bearing70х105х21,51
Pump drive bearing NSh 32-3 clutch3056305Single-row radial ball25х62х172
Water pump bearing3046304Single-row radial ball20х52х151
Water pump bearing160703Single-row radial ball17х62х201
Fuel pump bearing (camshaft, front and rear support)720430204Single row tapered roller20х47х15,252
Fuel pump regulator bearing811051110Single row thrust ball bearing50х70х141
Fuel pump regulator bearing820251202Single row thrust ball bearing15х32х121
Power Train Shaft Bearing2116211Single-row radial ball55х100х211
Half-shaft sleeve bearing2176217Single-row radial ball85х150х284
Pump drive bearing NSh-10-3-L2056205Single-row radial ball25х52х152
Pump drive bearing NSh-32-32086208Single-row radial ball40х80х181
Pump drive bearing NSh-32-32106210Single-row radial ball50х90х201
Hydraulic distributor bearing3КК-72х82х45Single row radial needle bearing72х82х451
Final drive bearing42315NJ315Single row radial roller bearings75х160х372
Final drive bearing42412NJ412Single row radial roller bearings60х150х354
Ball bearing for right and left final drives3156315Single-row radial ball75х160х372
Bearing of the right and left final drives, roller7809Single row angular contact ball bearing45х90х38,252
Reducer bearing2126212Single-row radial ball60х110х222
RU bearing904700Single row thrust ball bearing10х19х98
Hydraulic booster distributor bearing RU958705Single row thrust ball bearing25х56/47х162
Hydraulic booster worm bearing RU2056205Single-row radial ball25х52х152
Power regulator bearing810351103Single row thrust ball bearing17х30х92
Drive pulley bearing, driven shaft, right and left support4086408Single-row radial ball40х110х272
Drive pulley shaft bearing, driven shaft, rear support3116311Single-row radial ball55х120х291
Drive Pulley Bearing, Drive Shaft Support2116211Single-row radial ball55х100х212
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