VAZ 2115 is the pioneer of the Samara 2 model line. In fact, this sedan with a modern exterior for its years is nothing more than a product of deep restyling of the familiar VAZ 21099. Mass production of “tag”, as ordinary motorists say for this model, began in 1997. Initially, the VAZ designers planned to create an improved version of the VAZ 21099 with changes in the chassis, transmission and other components. However, later on, such a serious modernization was called into question, so most of all units on the VAZ 2115 “migrated” from the 99th model.

The bearings are used on 2110-2115 are as following:

Bearings VAZ 2108, 2109, 2110, 2111, 2112, 21314, 2115 and their analogues
ApplicabilityBearing numberAnalog importDimensionsQuantity
secondary shaft46470630х36х251
front support output shaft42305NJ30525х62х171
front support input shaft6-42205А1Е1УШ1NJ20525х52х151
Gearbox output shaft bearing, front support503056305N25x62x172
differential (right and left support72073020735х72х18,252
steering gear86-90312
steering gear104600420х42х121
Front suspension strut bearing348702 (или в комплекте 8115)14,5х52х1475х100х192
Steering gear bearing104600420х42х121
Gear steering gear60490111,1х17,5х131
Steering gear needle bearing60490111,1х17,5х131
Front hub bearing537906 или 256706VKBA 130730х60х372
Front hub bearing537907 or 256907VKBA 1306 or VKBA 378634х64х372
Clutch release bearing52080631х55х13/191
Timing belt tensioning25670525x62x281
Generator bearing1802026202-2RS15х35х112
Generator bearing1801036003-2RS17х35х101
Generator bearing1803026302-2RS15х42х131
Generator bearing1803036303-2RS17х47х142
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