The family of cars produced from 1995 to 2009 at AvtoVAZ, as well as other industries, in Egypt, this model was assembled from 2005-2015. It is the third generation of VAZ passenger cars. The head model of the family is the VAZ-2110 sedan, the VAZ-2111 station wagon and the VAZ-2112 five-door hatchback were also produced.
The bearings are used on 2108-2112 are as following:

Bearings VAZ 2108, 2109, 2110, 2111, 2112, 21314, 2115 and their analogues
ApplicabilityBearing numberAnalog importDimensionsQuantity
Differential bearing6-7207А3020735х72х18,252
Transmission ball bearing with groove503056305N25х62х172
Gearbox output shaft bearing, needle46470630х36х255
Gearbox output shaft bearing, front support6-42305АЕ1УШ1NJ30525х62х171
Gearbox input shaft bearing, front support6-42205А1Е1УШ1NJ20525х52х151
Timing belt tensioner bearing25670525х62х281
Water pump bearing330802 или 1НР1609216х30х391
Front suspension strut bearing348702 (или в комплекте 8115)14,5х52х1475х100х192
Steering gear bearing104600420х42х121
Steering gear bearing80-9031600317,7х35х81
Steering gear needle bearing60490111,1х17,5х131
Rear hub bearing537906 или 256706VKBA 130730х60х372
Front hub bearing537907 или 256907VKBA 1306 или VKBA 378634х64х372
Clutch release bearing52080631х55х13/191
Generator bearing1802026202-2RS15х35х112
Generator bearing1801036003-2RS17х35х101
Generator bearing1803026302-2RS15х42х131
Generator bearing1803036303-2RS17х47х142
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