The creation of this model began back in 1993 at the Volzhsky Automobile Plant. At the final stage of development in 1998, the car was named Lada Kalina, VAZ 1118 is the in-house serial designation of the sedan model. The car was first presented to the public in 2000, and at the end of 2004 it went on sale.
Within two years, AvtoVAZ produced more than 80 thousand copies of the car. Sales of the popular model exceeded all the expectations of the Russian car industry, so in 2007 the production of Lada Kalina VAZ 1118 was increased, which made it possible to produce 145 thousand cars per year.

ApplicationBearing numberChina anologSizeQuantity
Timing belt tensioner 830900 AE2 1pc
Water pump 6-330802 EC1715x30x39/92 1pc
Clutch release clutch 52080631x55x13/191pc
First shaft front support6-42205А1Е1УШ1NJ20525×52×151pc
First shaft front back support 503056305N25×62×17 1pc
Output shaft, front support6-42305АЕ1УШ1NJ305 1pc
Output shaft, rear support 503056305N25×62×17 1pc
Differential box, right and a lion. Supports 6-7207A35x72x18,25 2pcs
Rear wheel hubs256706 BA2B 633313 C 2pcs
Front suspension strut bearing Upper support VKD 35032 2pcs
Front wheel hubs 256707BAH 0031 D2pcs
Steering gear 1-SK152112E1pc
Generator shaft, front support 1803036303-2RS1pc
Generator shaft, rear support 1802026202-2RS1pc
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