In over 100 years history of Japanese automobile, Japanese companies has been always pioneer of new emergent technologies. The first to introduce the robotics manufacturing in car production was Japan. Moreover, Hybrid car technology and Electric Car technology were both pioneered by Japanese car companies. Therefore, Japanese cars are well-known for its high-tech brand image and has high reliability with low malfunction rate.

NOOE numberType
190369-45003Wheel bearing
290363-40066Wheel bearing
390369-43009Wheel bearing
490369-43008Wheel bearing
590363-T0018Wheel bearing
690080-36087Wheel bearing
790369-T0003Wheel unit
890363-40068Deep groove ball bearing
990368-45087Tapered roller bearing
1090368-49084Tapered roller bearing
1190366-20003Tapered roller bearing
1290903-63014Shock Absorber Support Bearing
1348619-42010Shock Absorber Support Bearing
1431230-71011Clutch bearing
153885A040Wheel bearing
163885A017Wheel bearing
17MR272946Shock Absorber Support Bearing
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