GAZ is a Russian manufacturer of trucks and cars. The production was founded jointly with Ford and is located in Nizhny Novgorod. In 1932, the first models of the company were produced: the GAZ-A passenger car and the one and a half-ton GAZ-AA truck. The Second World War slowed down the development of domestic automobile production. Only after its completion the famous model of a world-class passenger car appeared, bearing the symbolic name “Victory” GAZ-20. In 1956 it was replaced by the Volga GAZ-21 model, and three years later the first government Chaika rolled off the assembly line. The ancestor of modern “Volgas” is considered the GAZ-24 model, the production of which began in 1969. However, the plant is now producing modern cars. For example, the Volga Siber, based on the 2008 Chrysler Sebring. In addition, the production of freight vehicles continues, the most famous representative of which can be considered the “Gazelle”.
The bearing use is GAZ are as following:

GAZ 3307, 3309
ApplicabilityBearing numberChina anologSizeQuantity
Vacuum pump bearing203620317х40х122
Engine injection pump drive bearing104600420х42х121
Engine injection pump drive bearing207620735х72х171
Engine injection pump drive bearing100090461904 или 690420х37х91
Cardan drive support bearing114601470х110х201
Gearbox bearing, semi-closed602056205Z25х52х151
Gearbox bearing, output shaft, rear support70-504096409N-C345х120х291
Gearbox bearing, input shaft26470629,9х43,9х331
Gearbox bearing, reverse axle6470630х42х441
Gearbox bearing, promval72083020840х80х19,752
Rear axle bearing273083130840х90х25,251
Rear axle bearing2770945х100х31,81
Rear axle bearing80781365х110х30,52
Closed RU bearing1802046204-2RS20х47х141
 angular contact bearing63690523,5х36,5х14,82
RU angular contact bearing77670212,8х57,5х481
RU tapered bearing97790840,6х66х121
Cooling fan bearing and its drive207620735х72х173
Cooling system fluid coupling bearing303630317х47х141
Rear hub bearing75153221575х130х33,22
Rear hub bearing80781365х110х30,52
Front hub bearing76063230630х72х28,752
Front hub bearing76093220945х100х38,252
GAZ 66
Generator bearing18060362303-2RS 17х47х191
Generator bearing118030420х52х181
Engine water pump bearing, rear support2070317х40х141
Engine water pump bearing, front support2080317х47х15,51
Compressor crankshaft bearing, rear support, with groove502076207N35х72х171
Compressor crankshaft bearing, front support207620735х72х171
Gearbox bearing, drive shaft, front support602036203Z17х40х121
Gearbox bearing, output shaft, rear support503076307N35х80х211
Gearbox bearing, input shaft503076307N35х80х211
Gearbox bearing, input shaft502096209N45х85х191
Transfer Case Bearing, Output Shaft, Rear Support208620840х80х181
Transfer case bearing, primary and intermediate shafts503076307N35х80х212
Rear axle bearing, drive gear, rear support2770945х100х31,81
Rear axle bearing, drive gear, front support273083130840х90х25,251
Front axle differential bearing80781365х110х30,52
Front axle drive shaft bearing503076307N35х80х212
Steering knuckle bearing273073130735х80х22,754
Steering bearing63690523,5х36,5х14,82
Steering bearing97790840,6х66х121
Steering bearing, bipod shaft77670212,8х57,5х481
Hub bearing, inner support75153221575х13033,254
Hub bearing, outer bearing80781365х110х30,54
GAZ 52, GAZ 5
Propeller shaft bearing18050862208-2RS40х80х231
Propeller shaft bearing80470422х35х26,512
Generator bearing18050262202-2RS15х35х141
Generator bearing18060362303-2RS17х47х191
Thrust motor bearing81025110215х28х91
Engine water pump bearing, rear support2070317х40х141
Engine water pump bearing, front support2080317х47х15,51
Gearbox bearing, driving shaft209620945х85х191
Gearbox bearing, drive shaft, front support602036203Z17х40х121
Gearbox bearing, secondary shaft307630735х80х211
Gearbox bearing, secondary shaft86490420,6х33,3х351
Gearbox bearing, intermediate shaft, gear block6490525,4х41,3х60,22
Rear axle differential bearing80781365х110х30,52
Rear axle pinion bearing10260525х62х241
Rear axle pinion bearing, rear support2770945х100х31,81
Rear axle pinion bearing, front support273083130840х90х25,251
Steering bearing63690523,5х36,5х14,82
Steering bearing97790840,6х66х121
Steering bearing98791040,6х68х19,51
Steering bearing, bipod shaft92220525х52х151
Steering bearing, bipod shaft roller77670212,8х57,5х481
Rear hub bearing, inner support75153221575х130х33,252
Rear hub bearing, outer support80781365х110х30,52
Front hub bearing, inner support76093230945х100х38,252
Front Hub Bearing, Outside Support76063230630х72х28,752
Clutch release bearing58891152,4х84,5х20,81
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