UAZ bearing

UAZ is a Russian car brand owned by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, founded in 1941 in the city of Ulyanovsk. To date, the controlling stake in UAZ belongs to the Sollers auto holding.

UAZ products are, first of all, four-wheel drive cars, minibuses and trucks.

УАЗ (2206, 3303, 3909, 3741, 3962)
ApplicabilityBearing numberChina AnologSizeQuantity
Drive shaft bearing to guide end602036203Z17х40х121
Propeller shaft bearing70470216,3х30х2516
Generator bearing18050262202-2RS15х35х141
Generator bearing18060362303-2RS17х47х191
Engine cooling pump bearing, rear support2070317х40х141
Engine cooling pump bearing, front support2080317х47х15,51
Driven gearbox shaft bearing, needle66490840х46х523
Driven gearbox shaft bearing, double row (with groove)3056207К320735х72х271
Drive gearbox shaft bearing, ball groove502086208N40х80х181
Drive gearbox shaft bearing, closed groove ball bearing1502086208ZNR40х80х181
Transmission intermediate shaft ball bearing305630525х62х171
Gearbox intermediate shaft roller bearing42305АЕ1УШ1NJ30525х62х171
Transmission intermediate shaft ball bearing with groove503066306N30х72х191
Gearbox reverse gear needle bearing83490419х33х351
Transfer case bearing306630630х72х191
Transfer case bearing with groove503066306N30х72х193
Transfer case bearing, rear axle drive shaft307630735х80х211
Transfer case bearing, intermediate shaft292305RNU30535х62х171
Rear and front axle differential bearing75103221050х90х24,754
Hub bearing12750945х85х25,58
Rear axle drive gear bearings double row5770735х80х571
Rear and front axle pinion bearing10230420х52х152
Steering bearing63690523,5х36,5х14,82
Bipod Shaft Steering Bearing92220525х52х151
Bipod Shaft Roller Steering Bearing776801Х12,8х51,6х381
Steering bearing, worm, upper support97790733х49,2х12,41
Steering bearing, worm, lower support87790733х58х181
Clutch release bearing68891152,4х84,5х20,71

Best Selling Mr272946 05085458aa Shock Absorber Bearing For Compass Car

Material: GCR15, Model number: 904900, Application: steering bearing; Packing: single box packing or as customer requirement

Needle roller bearing 904900 is a type of roller bearing in which the length of the rolling body is significantly greater than the diameter. It is designed to withstand high axial loads, including mechanical ones, of an impact nature. Needle roller bearings 904900 have small transverse dimensions in the radial direction and can be installed in confined spaces. Needle roller bearings 904900 are widely in demand in the production of agricultural machinery and equipment, in the automotive industry and construction. Its advantages include significant efficiency and low heating during operation, economical consumption of lubricants and ease of maintenance, durability and reliable operation at significant speeds, minimal friction losses and high efficiency. In addition to this manufacturer, we can also offer bearings from other gas processing plants.

Technical parameters and dimensions of the bearing 904900

Inner diameter (d): 10 mm;
Outside diameter (D): 16 mm;
Width (H): 10.45mm;
Weight: 0.007 kg;
Dynamic loading capacity: 5 kN;
Static lifting capacity: 7 kN;
Outer ring chamfer radius: 1.1 mm.


This is the steering bearing (propeller shaft) of VAZ cars (1111, 2101, 2102, 2103, 2104, 2105, 2106, 2107, 2121 “Niva”), UAZ (3151, 3153, 3160, 469 and modifications) and some others (Moskvich 2141, 2126, ErAZ), for the most part, are already outdated.

7690906 Lgnition Distributor Bearing Size 30x47x7/8 For VAZ 1111, 2101-2109, 2121 Niva And Modifications

Bearing 7690906 is a product completed with rolling elements of various shapes (balls, cylindrical short and tapered rollers) of which there can be from one to four rows, one or two cages (with or without sides) and is intended for simultaneous perception of axial loads (unidirectional or multidirectional). ) and axial directions.
Technical features of such a reliable series as Bearing 7690906!
allows during operation one or bi-directional axial movement of the inner cage relative to the outer one;
allows one-sided shaft fixation when using thrust rings;
the type without inner cage requires special preparation of the shaft surface.

Dimensions and characteristics of bearing 7690906

Inner diameter – 30 mm;
Outside diameter – 47 mm;
Width – 7/8 mm;
Weight – 0.0415 kg;
Ball diameter – 3.969 mm;
Number of balls – 16 pcs.;
Rated speed – 13000 rpm;
Dynamic lifting capacity – 5.5 kN;
Static lifting capacity – 3 kN.


Bearing number Bearing application
7690906 Car Automobile transport
7690906 VAZ 2101-2107 car Passenger car Ignition distributor
7690906 VAZ-2108,2109 car Passenger car Ignition distributor
7690906 VAZ-2121 car Off-road passenger car Ignition distributor
7690906 GAZ-3307,GAZ-53-12 car Truck engine
7690906 GAZ-66-11,12 Shishiga car. Truck Engine
7690906 ZAZ-1102 Tavria car. Passenger car Ignition distributor
7690906 ZAZ-968M Zaporozhets car. Passenger car Vacuum corrector plate
7690906 MAZ-5322, MAZ-5433, MAZ-5551, MAZ-55512 car Truck steering wheel
7690906 MAZ-5336, MAZ-54321 car Truck steering wheel
7690906 MAZ-5434 car Cargo car Steering control
6-7690906 MAZ-6303, MAZ-6422, MAZ-64221, MAZ-64224 vehicle Truck steering wheel
6-7690906 MAZ-64227, MAZ-64229 car Truck steering wheel
7690906 Moskvich-2141 car Passenger car Ignition distributor
7690906 Car RAF-2203, RAF-22031, RAF-22032, RAF-22035 Bus Instruments
7690906 Vehicle RAF-22038 Bus Instruments
7690906 UAZ-451M, UAZ-451DM vehicle Low-tonnage cargo vehicle Instruments
7690906 UAZ-452, UAZ-452D vehicle Low-tonnage cargo vehicle Instruments
7690906 Vehicle UAZ-452A, UAZ-452V Bus Instruments
7690906 UAZ-469, UAZ-469M automobile Off-road vehicle Devices
7690906 UAZ-469B, UAZ-469BG car Off-road passenger car Instruments
7690906 VAZ-1111 OKA car Ignition distributor
7690906 VAZ-2101-2108 car Ignition / Trambler distributor small and large
7690906 VAZ-2109 car Passenger car Ignition distributor
7690906 Car VAZ-2121 Niva Ignition distributor
7690906 GAZ-3307, GAZ-53-12 car
7690906 GAZ-66-11,GAZ-66-12 Shishiga car. Truck vehicle
7690906 ZAZ-1102 Tavria car. Passenger car Ignition / Trambler distributor small and large
7690906 ZAZ-968M Zaporozhets car. Passenger car
7690906 MAZ-5322,MAZ-5336,MAZ-54321,MAZ-5433, MAZ-5434,MAZ-5551,MAZ-55512,MAZ-6303 car Steering
6-7690906 MAZ-6422 car Steering / Steering wheel drive shaft or 636906 С 17
6-7690906 MAZ-64221,MAZ-64224, MAZ-64227,car Steering
6-7690906 MAZ-64229,MAZ-642554 car
7690906 Moskvich-2141 AZLK car Ignition / Trambler distributor small and large
7690906 PAZ-3205 car Steering
7690906 Vehicle RAF-2203,RAF-22031 Devices
7690906 RAF-22032 car
7690906 Vehicle RAF-22035,RAF-22038 Devices
7690906 UAZ-2206,UAZ-3151, UAZ-3303,UAZ-3741 vehicle Instruments
7690906 UAZ-3962,UAZ-451DM,UAZ-451M vehicle Devices
7690906 UAZ-452 car
7690906 UAZ-452 A vehicle Instruments
7690906 UAZ-452 V Devices
7690906 UAZ-452 D vehicle Instruments
7690906 UAZ-452 car, van Devices
7690906 UAZ-469,UAZ-469 B,UAZ-469 BG,UAZ-469 M vehicle Devices


2101-1701031 180502 62202-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing For VAZ 2101-2107 Gearbox Use

Bearing 180502 (alternative designation 62202-2RS) has dimensions 15x35x14, belongs to the group single-row deep groove ball rolling bearing with double-sided protection and seal made of rubber or plastic
The ball bearing for operation in the generator should be of a wide series with small dimensions. The dimensions of this product are 15x35x14 mm. Bearing weight including packing is not more than 0.054 kg. Has a typical structure for parts of its class.
6 – product accuracy class;
180 – design features (two contact seals);
5 – series in width;
02 – coding of the inner diameter.


Name: Bearing
Type: Ball
Bearing number: 180502
Alternative designation: 62202-2RS
Inner diameter: 15
Outer Diameter: 35
Thickness: 14
Weight: 0.054
Open / Closed: Rubber covered
Load type: Radial
Number of rows: Single row


VAZ cars – installed on the input shaft of the “classics” gearbox (VAZ 2101, 2102, 2103, 2104, 2105, 2106, 2107) and “Niva” (2121);
Minibuses, SUVs and light trucks UAZ of most models (including 469, 2206, 3151, 3741, 3962, 452) – generator and electrical equipment;
Trucks KamAZ, GAZ, ZIL, MAZ – generator and electrical equipment;
PAZ, RAF, ErAZ buses – generator;
Tractors K-701, MTZ-80, MTZ-82, T-40, T-150 – generator;
Outdated cars “Izh” and “Moskvich” – this bearing is also installed in the generator


62202 2 RS, 180502 Е1Т2С2, 180502 АК2, 180502 АЕ2, 180502 АЕС9, 180502 К1УС9, 180502 Е1С24, 180502 Е1Т2С4, 180502 Е2Т2С15, 180502 Е2Т2С16, 180502 Е2Т2С2, 180502 Е2Т2С4, 180502 Е3С1, 180502 С9, 62202-2RS.TVH, 62202-2RS1T, 62202-2RS1T/P53, 62202-2RS1/P53S, 180502 К1УС9Ш, 180502 Е1Т2С15

2101-2403080 180306 Gearbox Bearing Size 30x72x19 For VAZ 2101-2107 Selling

Bearing 180306 is a single-row deep groove ball bearing, closed with rubber plugs on both sides, reinforced with sheet steel, 19 mm wide, inner diameter 30 mm, outer diameter 72 mm, total weight 0.35 kg.
Lubricating fluid is introduced into such an element during assembly. The open type is able to provide a threshold speed slightly higher than the closed type of product.

180 – performance features;

3 – a series of widths;
06 – code of the inner diameter.
The bearing can be operated up to 16 kN when stationary and up to 28.1 kN when operating at rated speed. The limiting speed is 10,000 rpm.
GOST ISO Explanation:
306 6306: open bearing
50306 6306 N: open groove bearing
60306 6306 Z: closed on one side with a metal washer
80306 6306 ZZ (2Z): closed on both sides with metal washers
160306 6306 RS: closed with rubber plug on one side
180306 6306 2RS: closed with rubber plugs on both sides
76-306 6306 C3: open with thermal gap


Inner diameter – 30 mm;
Outside diameter – 72 mm;
Height – 19 mm;
Weight – 0.35 kg;
Number of balls – 8 pcs.;
Ball diameter – 12.303 mm;
Rated speed – 11000 rpm;
Dynamic lifting capacity – 28.1 kN.


Bearing with a groove for a retaining ring 50306 is installed in different units of VAZ cars – “classic”: gearbox, primary and secondary shafts and “Niva” and “Chevrolet-Niva” (front axle inner hinge housing, gearbox), minibuses and Gazelle light trucks (transfer case input shaft), ErAZ minibuses (gearbox), MTZ tractors (power take-off shaft), almost all models of light trucks, minibuses and UAZ cars (transmission intermediate shaft and transfer case).

Closed bearings 180306 are installed on the rear axle of the VAZ “classics” (2101-2107) and the “Moskvich”, the drive of the unloading device of the “Don” combines, the generator-exciter of the BelAZ dump trucks.

Open bearings 306 are installed on KamAZ trucks (power take-off gear axle), GAZ (secondary and intermediate transfer case shafts), BelAZ (power take-off), MAZ (generator and engine), engines and electric motors of tram cars. They are widely used in DT and MTZ tractors, Don and Niva combines, forklift trucks and many other products of domestic engineering.

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